Sherlock additions and release date!

Sherlock Holmes the Long stories has as many of you know been delayed for a number of reasons. The biggest hurdle we had to overcome was lack of inserts. A large number of sketch cards went missing and we had to recommission many of them. Art takes time and we knew we had to wait. Rather than leave the set be we decided to make some changes. Now you will find this is a 36 card set rather than 27, we have increased the content and transformed it from an A and B pack set. The Sherlock Holmes the Long Stories has now been split into “A Study In Scarlet”, and “The Sign of Four” packs. Each pack will contain an 18 card set however they will both share the same 10 card chase set and the sketch and inserts are still mixed at random. Each case will include 5 of each pack type. In short we have rewritten parts of the set and increased the card count, and added new premium inserts. None of these changes will increase the price and the set will be released on the 21st of November at the  NEC MCM Expo show! All orders will be filled in the following days, and for those ordering binders your cards will be out just after as we wait for the final folders to be finished.

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