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We have some of fantastic new products and a great offer coming out very soon. The Product Information Pages will be created and updated in the next 24 hours and these sets start shipping in early September. Here is some of the key info in advance! As with A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four we will again be releasing two sets at once in mixed cases. Each set will have its own easy to identify packaging, along with set specific basic and premium inserts and chase cards. Every 10 pack case will include 6 or 7 sketch cards split over 5 of each of the following packs:

Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians



This is a fantastic long awaited follow up to our first ever release. This limited edition set will merge War of the Worlds with our non-canonical Sherlock Holmes world. Icons of the Victorian era are pitted against the villainous murdering Martian invaders with artistic results. This is an extremely limited product, each pack will include a premium insert a chase card and basic cards. The basic cards include some of the hard to find Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crime expansions from other sets along with new never before released cards! The premium inserts include sketch cards and Victorian artifact cards. Seeded within 5 packs you will find 5 ultra rare Two Penny Blue stamp cards.

The Illustrated War of the Worlds    

DD 02
This new set features amazing art work. It takes the War of the World’s away from the strict confines of H.G. Wells story and time period and allows much more artistic freedom to our illustrators who have done us proud. The Illustrated War of the World’s includes a 9 card basic set (along with a gloss parallel chase cards) with the next 9-18 cards for release in series 2. Every pack will include a premium insert, basic set and chase cards. The production run is very limited and and some packs will include original basic card art!

WWI The War Illustrated Premium Pack



We are also offering an extremely limited War Illustrated Premium Pack. Each pack will include at least three premium inserts, one of which will be a sketch card from one of just three illustrators who participated on this project, along with artifact cards from WWI and WWII and rare military promo cards from our archives. These packs are strictly limited and numbered to just 35 worldwide. These will be available to order from Friday the 26th of August. The illustrators who worked on the set and the number of cards produced is as follows: Francois Chartier (19), B Jones(5), and Carolyn Edwards (11) We will try to make sure those who order more than one pack receive sketches from different artists, while stocks last! WI AD

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