New Sets Provisional Insert Checklist

This list is also at the bottom of the product information page, and we will be adding photos of these cards soon!

Provisional Insert Checklist:

Gold Foil Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians Card: 40 in total 2 variations

Silver Foil “Waves” Strand War of the Worlds card: 40

Gold Version of above: 10

Rainbow Foil War of the Worlds Cover Art: 40

Cards Down Under Steel Blue Version: 20

MhopOnHop Silver Version: 20

Mega City 5 Hammered Bronze Version: 25

Sherlock Head with Maritans in Bronze Foil: 20

Mini Logo Foil: 25

Rude Martian foils (three versions): 5 Inserted in error Cards Down Under exclusive

Ultra Limited Variant Cards:

WotW P1 Glitter variant:  80

Scott Fellows Glitter Autograph 40 (Case Topper)

Tentacled Horror Red Eyes Variant: 40

Hack Puzzle Glow in the Dark Backs 30 sets of 10

Scientific Torture Glow in the Dark/Glitter: 30

Victoria Q1 Silver Glitter: 30

A Novel Memento Silver Glitter: 30 Gloss: 40

Sketch Your Own blank sketch card: 25

Relic Cards:

Mini Logo Cover swatch: 40

War of the Worlds Cover Swatch: 30

War of the Worlds Inside Page Cut: 20

War of the Worlds Cover and page Dual Relic: 15

2 Penny Blue card: 5

Victorian Post Card Cuts: 40 in 3 Variations

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