Dixons Vixens

This set highlights some of the fantastic artwork of renowned illustrator Matt Dixon. Matt’s art has been seen in countless magazines, advertisements, and even adorning CD covers. He is also the author of the Fantasy Figure Drawing Bible and his work is always in great demand. His bountiful girls have a lot of attitude and this set covers a range of styles, the one thing they have in common? They are all gorgeous! Each 18 card factory set will contain a signed card, and at least 1 chase card. This product is limited to just 1000 sets worldwide! 50% of sets will contain a dedicated autograph card, while the other 50% will contain a random signed base card. Three Mini Chase cards are randomly distributed throughout the sets, and some very limited packs contain a canvas parallel card. The set will be shipping in April and is available to order now!

We will only be offering 500 sets for sale, the remaining 500 will be sold by Matt directly. Check out more of his work over at:


These are just £9.99 a set!

3 Responses to Dixons Vixens

  1. Michael #W says:

    When will DV2 be available for order?

  2. David says:

    Picked up the set at Memorabilia. Great to talk to you and love the cards. I have a question. My set pack contained two of #3 but none of #6 Revenge of the Gherkenoids. Is there a reason for this that I am missing and how do I get a card #6 to complete the set? Thanks for some great releases. Looking forward to the second Vixens set. David my email is drustage@yahoo.co.uk for your reply

  3. JJ says:

    Hi I sent you an email about this we will get replacements out in the mail.

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