Titanic Commemorative Card Set

The Titanic Centenary card set commemorates one of the worlds worst maritime disasters, detailing the history of the ship, crew and passengers from it’s construction to it’s eventual tragic fate. This card series also puts some of the most sought after historical artefacts imaginable into the hands of card collectors for the first and perhaps only time. We will be including very rare authentic sections of wreck wood recovered from the disaster, along with a host of other historically important artefact cards, and a limited number of sketch cards along other inserts. In the basic set you will find detailed historical facts about the ship, it’s construction, crew and passengers. We will also include facts about items that remain on the wreck . The set includes images from vintage photos, advertisements, wreck dive photos, a selection of Stuart Williamson’s fantastically detailed paintings and more.

Every 27 card factory set comes with chase cards, and the sets are available in two versions which are detailed below:


The hobby is limited to just 500 sets (50 cases) worldwide. Each Hobby set will contain a premium insert. Premium inserts include: Sketch cards, authentic material threads, signatures, fabric, salvaged coal and for the first time ever: Authentic salvaged Titanic wreck wood. These is a certified fragment of wood from the ship, salvaged at the time of the sinking. Look for the even rarer Sister Ships card containing a fragment from both the Titanic and Olympic.


Retail sets are limited to 1,500 sets (150 cases) and include premium inserts at a minimum rate of 2 per case however we expect this to be much higher. Each factory pack comes with the full 27 card retail set and chase cards. There are variations between the Hobby and Retail sets so you will be able to tell which set you have and this will also be clearly marked on the external packaging.

Only a very limited amount of this product has been made available to order direct from the site on a strictly first come first serve basis, all other stock has been allocated for wholesale customers. All website customers will also be able to obtain a copy of the rare Buyers Preview card BP1 with there order along with a selection of other promotional cards.

These sets are shipping early May

The RRP for the Hobby Factory Sets:


The RRP for the Retail Factory Sets:


A limited number of sealed 10 set retail cases are available for:


4 Responses to Titanic Commemorative Card Set

  1. trekster says:

    Looks like a very interesting set.Cant wait to check these out

  2. indyclone25 says:

    i hope my skecth i did for Titanics cut the mustard, and that people like what i have done .

  3. jta77775 says:

    Well, I’ll have to look to see who’s sketch card I reciever in the pack, but it’s of a full color ocean liner in very good detail. I love the card. The artist did a wonderful job.

  4. jta77775 says:

    Oh ok, the title is “leaving Belfast”

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