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Cult-Stuff specialize in the production of exclusive and limited edition trading cards and ephemera. We predominantly focus on three core areas: Art, Literature & History. Using only the highest quality printing methods and painstaking research we offer unparalleled products that often deal with non-traditional trading card topics. We began publishing in 2009 and we have been steadily increasing production year after year.


Let me welcome you to Cult-Stuff.com there are a number of reasons you may have found this site, but whatever they are, we hope you enjoy your visit. Cult Stuff is an entertainment company predominantly focusing on trading cards, but we do deal in other related merchandise. We are based in the UK and US, and distribute goods around the world. Cult Stuff was started as a small scale part time company which has quickly expanded into a full time manufacturer of non-sports trading cards. We released our first promo cards in November of 2009 and our first set was released in the final quarter of 2010.


Cult Stuff also operates as a news and reviews site, which often courts controversy, but prides itself on accuracy, and we don’t pull punches. The site can be both informative and aggravating depending on your position, but the Cult Stuff blog has gained a large following garnering praise from some quarters and condemnation and threats of legal action form others. Regardless of your position everything you read is presented in context and is well sourced, the reader can easily check the facts and draw there own conclusions.


Please explore and enjoy the site it will be updated regularly, and you will always find out the most up to date information on our upcoming releases. Also take the time to check out all our links, these are other great card related site that you may find interesting. ┬áDon’t hesitate to contact us with any question or suggestions.

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10 Responses to About Cult Stuff

  1. Shane says:

    Hi Guys.

    The MZF cards look awesome. As an aspiring illustrator myself, I was wondering what the selection process was for submitting work/or being considered for work was? Might seem like a daft question, but it’s something I’m interested in getting into, and I’m pretty confident that my artwork would hold up.

    Hope you can take a moment to maybe point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks


  2. Hey Jason, have you been receiving my emails? I tried contacting you on Facebook too with no luck. Hopefully you see this!


  3. Michael Waskelis says:

    It looks like from the latest issue of NSU magazine that you will not be producing Nosferatu for later this year. Is this True?

  4. JJ says:

    Hi Michael, sadly that set has been put on hold as the artist behind it has taken a step back from cards. Don has asked to have the set put on hold rather than cancelled and we have done this in the hope that Don will decide to grace us with some of his awesome art! It’s still going to happen one way or the other but not in time for October 2011.

  5. M. Roush says:

    hi could you e mail me with info about the three packs of MFZ I paid for but have not received? was anxious to see them, getting more so, now.

    Edit: J says:

    These should be with you now.

  6. trekster says:

    Cult-Stuff makes some of the coolest cards on the planet.Cards have been very average for too long Im glad these guys came along.I have been collecting cards for over 40 years and I may be an old bastard but I know the good from the crap and these guys rock.If you want a cool change from mainstream rip offs grab some of thes guys cards Im shure you will be glad you did.
    Pete From Down Under

  7. ribeyespud says:

    Yay! Sherlock Holmes in 2014! Can’t wait!

  8. TimelessRose says:

    I have a JD Seeber sketch redemption from the Dracula set. It says that it has to be redeemed by Jan. 1st 2014. I was just about to send it in (since it is close to the date, and I finally decided to send it in), but then I remembered that you guys said you moved. So, now I don’t know if the address on the back of the redemption card will still be good. Please contact me asap on this. I don’t want to miss out.

  9. Fewzz says:

    Can someone please confirm my order.
    I ordered two boxes of the War Of The Worlds Cards but i did not receive any confirmation, i have had no emails either.
    I ordered these through Paypal and not my account, how can i get a confirmation before i goto Paypal for a refund, is this site still active etc?

  10. JJ says:

    Hi This order was delayed as we had been sold out of this product and had to source some packs for you. They are in the post now however and you should have them very soon!

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