Monsters Zombies and Freaks

OUT NOW!! ~Update~ See blow for chase card images and details!
This set has some of trading cards most talented illustrators working to bring you some of the most frightening, horrific, and downright strange images from beyond the realms of imagination. You will find some characters you know and some that are completely new, but rest assured every card in this set is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

This new premium pack product features a new 18 (19 depending on how you look at it)  card micro basic set, exciting chase cards, fantastic sketch cards, and ultra limited artist autograph cards! Each pack will contain 6 basic cards, at least 2 chase cards and at least 1 (but often more) sketch cards! Each pack will be labeled A, B or C.  A packs will contain cards 1-6, B will have 7-12 and C will have cards 13-18, meaning the set collector will be able to assemble a basic set at a reasonable cost, but the chase and sketch cards are completely random meaning you never quite know what to expect. Anyone ordering three packs from the site will get an A, B, and C pack. The artist list for this set is extremely impressive and includes sketch cards from:


Don Pedicini Jr
Bill Pulkovski
Carolyn Edwards
Robert Hack
Bruce Gerlach
Jayson Kretzer
Beck Kramer
Dane Alt
Jon Riggle
Mark Slater
Lance Sawyer
Lee Lightfoot
Rhys McDonald
Jason Durden
Gerald de Dios
Pablo Diaz Mencia
Rick Melton
And more!

Only a very limited number of packs will be offered via the website. While prices increase all around we have frozen our pack price. Each packs is £16.99 and we are very pleased to offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders over £55.00 (on any combination of products)

Chase cards: Below is a selection of the chase cards available in the set. The cards on the left have had the lighting manipulated to show to foil more clearly.
Top and Middle Row: Fronts and backs of Parallel cards 1, 2 and 3. These are glitter variants, each card has been embellished with glitter and hand signed by the illustrators Matt Dixon. These are limited to just 25 of each card.
Bottom Row right to left: MZF P1 Promo Bronze foil stamped and signed by the illustrator Robert Hack. These autograph cards are limited to just 20 in the run.
The next two cards are “Bonus cards” first up is the blue foil stamped card, this is limited and numbered to 25 and next to it is the Black foil stamped version which is numbered to 30, however only due to damaged cards only 26 have been inserted into the sets. A signed and unsigned version of this card is also randomly inserted in some packs.
Top Row: Vortex Card Variants, Foil Stamped Black, numbered to 30 and next to is foil stamped purple also numbered to 30. These like almost all the foils do not scan well but are very vivid in person. This is a parallel of base card 17. The next two are BD1 and BD2 these are the bookmark cards. Limited to less than 500 25 of each have been foil stamped and numbered in Bronze.
Middle Row: MC2 in three versions (fourth version not shown) Right to left is the Rainbow foil stamped card this is limited to 70, Purple foil limited to 45 and black foil limited to 20. The last version is the regular card with no foil and that is numbered to 250. Next to these is MC1 numbered to 300.
Bottom Row: Four mini Gutter cards, limited to 400 of each.  Next to this is  WZ1  Canvass chase card. This is a 9 card set of canvass puzzle cards the the full image can be seen inside the packs and on card number 15 with a checklist of items to find within the picture. These were limited to roughly 1:3 packs.
Redemption cards exist for uncut sheets and Gore Cards (Image not available at this time) As always there may be more chase cards and other random inserts not mentioned!

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  1. Stewart Green ( wolfie ) says:

    What a fantastic sketch, if the rest of the set are like this you just can’t go wrong.

  2. Chris Brewer says:

    Interested in purchasing these cards
    How would I go about doing this?
    I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada

    thank you for your time

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  5. Chris Brewer says:

    It’s fixed, the button is now working (JJ)

    buy it now does not work
    just send us to paypal
    would like to buy some packs
    please advise


  6. Ed Webb says:

    Not to steal sales, but if you’re having trouble these packs will be available in the US from Scifi Cards.

    I’m proud to carry these cards. High quality, fair price, and collector friendly. Looks like a fantastic set!


  7. JJ says:

    The buy it now was not switched on until the 14th but it is working now 🙂 That said Ed is a great source for these cards so if you order from him anyway grab these as well!

  8. Chris Brewer says:

    wondering if these are out yet
    and if I can expect my order soon
    – anxiously awaiting 🙂

  9. M. Roush says:

    saw your post noting completion, haven’t seen product @ my house. ???

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