The Art of Burlesque

The Art of Burlesque trading card set is limited to 60 Hobby Cases. This is an over 18’s set and will include adult material. Each case will contain 10 Hobby factory sets of 27 (or more) cards. Each set will include 1 premium card. Premium cards include: Sketch cards, Autograph cards and Costume cards. You will find at least 5 sketch cards per case, and these are some of the best we have ever put out. Your Hobby sets will also include 1-2 chase cards. Look for canvas parallels, Feather and Sequin cards, along with puzzle cards. Signers for the set include a number of well known performers Rosie Lugosi, Khandie Khisses, Mojo Jones and more TBA.

The shipping date is scheduled before the end of March, and at this point we have more than 95% of the sketch cards in hand. We are waiting on autographs, leaving us in a good position to get this product out on time.

In the coming days you will see many more scans and images but below is a taster of the sketch cards from the set and a list of some of the contributing illustrators.

The RRP is just £25.00 per set and the numbers are very very limited!

£25.00 Hobby Set

£240.00 10 Case Set

Some of the sketch cards in the set

Illustrators working on this project include:

Adam Black
Adam Tally
Al Davidson
Barry Linck
Bianca Thompson
Carolyn Edwards
Clinton Yeager
Dan Gorman
Dave Sharpe
Gavin Hunt
Huy Truong
James Riot
Jason Westlake
Jennifer Rose Evans
John Monserrat
Jon Wallace
Laura Inglis
Marcus Pullen
Patrick Hamill
Paulina Vassileva
Robert Hack
Scott Houseman
Suna Yu
Terry Pavlet
Tim Dowler

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