War of the Worlds Preview Set

 This new limited edition 9 card factory preview set is shipping from November 20th 2012 with the full set due in March 2013. The preview set features some of Robert Hacks fantastic art! You will find sketch cards in every other set with a grantee of 5 sketches per case, and anyone ordering two sets WILL get a sketch.  In the other packs you will find canvas parallel cards, promos and other inserts. To fit in with the vintage style of cards these sets have been hand cut as have the parallels!

These are already printed and packed. We are waiting to ship them out the doors on Tuesday! 

Sketch Artists in the preview set include: Robert Hack, Sanna U, Jon Riggle, Mark Slater, Lee Lightfoot, Pablo Diaz, Gerald de Dios, Denise Parrish, Dane Alt, Laura Inglis and more.

These will set you back:

$20.00 a set

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