Beyond Stokers Dracula

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula

While Bram Stoker is remembered popularly as the father of the modern Vampire Myth this was not always the case, nor is it even accurate. In his lifetime the Dracula novel was only a moderate success and and when he died it was not even mentioned in his obituary. While it would be unwise to underestimate his impact on popularizing the genre, we can’t forget he was by no means the first to write about the creatures. Nor of course was he was not the last. This set will focus on the characters and situations outside and beyond the realm of Stokers book.  The ways in which the mythos has developed and adapted over time, and the changes in characteristics, along with those earlier stories that inspired Stoker to write his book.

Some of the key areas this set will focus on:

The Burial: A Fragment (By Byron) in which the lead character Augustus Darvel was intended to be a vampire.

“The Vampyre” by  John William Polidori (1819) which was inspired by the Fragment and featured “Lord Ruthven” as a noble Vampire

Nosferatu: This is free to use, we may have a whole subset within this product for the film.

Naturally this set will not be all about history! We will also be looking at the ways in which popular culture has adopted and embraced the ideas and concepts of the Vampire. HOWEVER: there is some very strict guidance: NO TWILIGHT. Ever. You will NOT get paid if we get Twilight. What you do in your own time is up to you but we don’t want any of that stuff on our cards.

We also have to stress that copyright material is off limits. You can of course use images for inspiration but please do not directly copy images that are owned by others. We can’t use those cards because we will be sued, which would suck. Lets go with general images. We want a mix of historical characters and more modern interpretations, but if you’re in doubt or suffering artist block always remember that sex sells. Hot Vampires and vampire Brides are clearly a key aspect of any Dracula related product. We want to mix classic’s and HVB’s into one big fun project.

This set is going to cover a wide range of styles and topics so you will have a good deal of freedom in what and how you draw, and remember if in doubt email with questions. This set should be fun to work on and will be due back on August 30th. We will be accepting a limited number of puzzle and multi cards but please check in on those as we have some specific numbers to make up for those.

As always talk to Liza if you would like to be considered as an artist for this set!

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