Welcome to the War of the Worlds Volume 1 Checklist. We will be adding detailed information about the inserts, including card numbers over the next few days/weeks. Below you will find the non-sketch card premium inserts and how many of each have been inserted.

The basic set is comprised of 27 cards, you will also find a 27 card parallel set, this was printed on the textured vintage style card stock and is easy to detect. These parallel cards fell at a rate of 15 per 10 set case. These vintage style cards are printed on a card stock much more akin to that commonly used in the late 1890’s.

War of the Worlds Inserts

Below is a list of the Sketch Artists included in the set with the number of cards they submitted. This is raw data and not the final approved figures for each artist. Cards may have been rejected, or damaged and so may not have been included. These figures should nonetheless act as a good guide to rarity.

Sketch Artist List

Adam Black (10)

Adam Tally (15)

Al Davidson (5)

Andy Broome (9)

Angela Capel (15)

Barry Linck (20)

Bianca Thompson (15)

Carolyn Edwards (30)

Chris Thorne  (10)

Clinton Yeager (25)

Dan Gorman (20)

Danny Silva (40)

Dave Sharpe (30)

Debra Quinn (21)

Elisa Chong (8)

Eric Van Elslande (10)

Eric White (25)

Gavin Hunt (20)

Gregorio Vidal (25)

George Vega (20)

Huy Truong (15)

j(ay) (25)

James Riot (24)

Jason Godwin (48)

Jason Westlake (20)

Jesse Hughes (11)

John Monserrat (25)

Josh Werner (30)

Puis Calzada (20)

Kitty L Dye (10)

Kris Justice (20)

Laura Inglis (10)

Manny Maderos (20)

Marcia Dye (25)

Marcus Pullen (20)

Mark Martino (10)

Mark Wright (17)

Matt Erkhart (12)

Matthew Zeigler (20)

Mike Vasquez (10)

Patrick Hamill (20)

Paulina Vassileva (17)

Peter Simeti (10)

Reid Fisher (20)

Robert Hack (40+)

Roy Cover (25)

Sal Galindo (10)

Scott Fellowes (9)

Scott Houseman (15)

Ted Dastick (15)

Ted Woods (10)

Terry Pavlet (10)

Tim Dowler (20)

Wu Wei (10)

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  3. ribeyespud says:

    Glad to see a checklist section showing up, could you please do a checklist for the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes? It was my favorite set and with so many special cards a checklist would really help to see what is out there and how many different autographs, stamps, and coins. Thanks, John

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