War of the Worlds Book 2

H G Wells, War Of The Worlds Book 2 set Specifications.

This set references directly back to H G Wells book, last year we did book one and this sold very well to collectors. As research I suggest looking online to see what sold particularly well (ebay search cult stuff war of the worlds completed). A working knowledge of this is essential to work on the set. We are looking for your own interpretation of the characters and situations described in the story, this leaves a lot of options open including new concept art, or something with a more classic feel to it.  We do need a range of images from the different chapters of the book. Please do not draw exact images or actors from films or other derivative materials, these may well be under copyright. Thats not to say you can’t pay homage to your favorite ideas but please make them your own in some distinct way.

Content restrictions: This is an adult set and as such we are happy for it to contain adult content, (i.e gore, nudity, violence). Remember this set is about your interpretation and style. If you are doing multiple panel cards please ask first, we keep these cards together in the packs so we must make allowances for this. You can illustrate any way you like, and in any medium, just have fun and lets see what you can do!

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