Redemption Information

You may be visiting this page because you have received a redemption card from one of our products. We use redemption cards for a number of reasons, including  oversized items that will not fit into packs, cards that would stand out or make identifying a premium within a pack to obvious or for items that for one reason or another were not ready at the time a product is packed and shipped out. Redemptions can be problematic, and frustrating. In the past we have had delays and problems with some of our redemptions and so we have made a change to the process. Most of our redemptions will be processed online. We will need an email and if possible a photo of the cards being redeemed, we will then ship the goods directly. We will of course also post the fulfilled redemption number so that anyone can check to see if a card has already been redeemed or not. If you have a redemption card then please email jason at with the details.

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