Sherlock Holmes Checklist

Welcome to the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Checklist This will be updated regularly until all the cards are listed so keep checking back!

Sherlock Holmes First Edition Text Cut and Fold Out Cards and Codes.

Each first edition card has a two letter code on the back corresponding to the story it was taken from, you will find a list of these below along with the number of cards produced for each story. The fold out cards are included in this number but are much harder to find.

SB = Silver Blaze: 60

CB =The Cardboard Box: 50

YF = The Yellow Face: 30

SC = The Stockbroker’s Clerk: 39

GS = The Gloria Scott: 36

MR =The Musgrave Ritual: 40

RS =The Reigate Squire: 33

CM =The Crooked Man: 35

RP =The Resident Patient: 47

GI =The Greek Interpreter: 35

NT =The Naval Treaty: 76

FP =The Final Problem: 45


Sketch Cards

Below you will find a full list of contributing sketch card artist for this set. Artists marked as limited typically produced 15 or less sketch cards for the final product and those marker very limited produced less than 10 cards and on rare occasions less than 5. The other illustrators contributed 15 or more sketches for this product.

Adam Tally 

Anastasia Catris Limited 

Andrew Richmond 

Barry Linck

Brian Typhair 

Carolyn Edwards Limited 

Chris Duhazé 

Chris Thorne 

Clinton Yeager 

Dan Gorman

Danny Silva

David Carrillo

Debra Quinn

Eric Van Elslande

Herve Creach Limited

Huy Truong

Israel Arteaga


Jennifer Evens Limited

Jesse Hughes

John Monserrat

Josh Werner Limited 

Kitty L Dye

Kris Justice

Laura Inglis Limited

Marcia Dye 

Matt Erkhart Limited

Matthew Zeigler Very Limited 

Mike Hannan

Michael Munshaw Very Limited 

Patrick Hamill Limited

Paulina Vassileva

Reid Fisher

Robert Hack

Sal Galindo Limited

Scott Fellowes

Scott Rorie Very Limited 

Stephanie Swanger

Ted Woods

Terry Pavlet Limited

Wu Wei Very Limited 

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