Civil War Chronicles 2 Sketch Artist Set Specification

Civil War Chronicles 2 Sketch Artist Set Specification

General information for all sketch illustrators:

This is part two of our Civil War set, so you need to keep that in mind when working on the art. The set will cover the War from after the battle of Gettysburg. We are looking for wide range of art and styles, from battle images to portraits so this set will be suitable for a number of different illustrator styles. This was a very gruesome conflict, it was one of the first major conflicts fought with advanced weaponry and it took a heavy toll on the populace and combatants. We are not asking you to shy away from these facts, so illustrate as you feel appropriate. Please though mix your compositions. Collectors last time were desperately searching for battle scenes and so these were more collectable than portraits which were more abundant.

if you would like to use any of your stock as 2 card images then you will need to contact the art director for approval in advance as final card numbers are changing up until release.Please also keep the following in mind: We are looking for period accuracy: This means while you are free to draw images from your imagination or from historical fact, we do request that you stick within the time confines. This means no weird items that didn’t exist, in other words no M16’s, Steampunk, Aliens, Unicorns bla bla bla…. I know this isn’t a big issue but if it’s not on the set spec we will get emails.

We really want to do the subject justice, it’s a fascinating topic with a very rabid collectors market many of which are not traditional card buyers, so we are looking at a crossover market, if you have no interest in history or the Civil War then this is probably not the set for you. We are looking for people who really know about or want to know about the subject, and it should be a lot of fun to work on. Places are limited and this is going to be one of our flagship products over the next 24-36 months so if you’re interested please get in touch with Liza asap, as blanks are in stock and waiting to ship.


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