Dixon’s Vixens 2

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Dixon’s Vixens 2


This is an ultra limited product, we have only been able to assemble 44 cases in total with a large proportion of going directly to Matt for retail sales.  This has left us with a small number for sale on the website. Unlike the first set we have included a number of new inserts and made some other important set alterations.

Each pack includes: The full 18 card basic set, one additional basic card signed by Matt Dixon and one canvas parallel card.

Each case includes 18 packs/sets with each case we guaranty you will find: a complete parallel set of signed cards, 1 official Matt Dixon Sketch card, 1 Caroline Munro autograph card per case and one additional Matt Dixon autograph on the Caroline Munro card. Depending on the case type (1 or 2) you will also get one of two possible parallel sets of canvas cards. Case type 2 provides a full canvas parallel set of Dixon’s Vixens II and case type 1 provides a full canvas parallel set of the original Dixon’s Vixens series 1. Two cases obviously will provide you with all the canvas cards.

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