Sherlock Holmes Long Stories Volume 1

Sherlock Holmes the Long Stories

Sherlock Scarlet copy

Detailing A Study In Scarlet and The Sign of Four this set covers the first two Sherlock Holmes stories ever published. These tales introduced the world to Holmes, Watson and many of the characters we would see again and again through the series of stories. Featuring fantastic art from a range of illustrators this set continues our collection of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. This will be very limited set, with less than 90 cases available worldwide. With an increased focus on on new art and storytelling you will find the ratio of sketch cards increased in this set (6-8 per case) mixed in with some very exclusive premium inserts. This is a premium pack set and will be divided into two types: A & B packs. One of each will grab you a full basic set and 4 chase cards (2 per pack) along with at least 2 premium inserts (1 per pack).

This set also marks release of our first binder! This new Sherlock Holmes collection Binder is large enough to hold all of our Sherlock Holmes cards and it’s very limited (Just 150 in total). Each folder will come with an exclusive bonus card.

This set will ship late August early September, and pre-ordering is essential. There will be an exclusive retail card, both for the single pack buyers and another card for the multi pack deal purchasers.




Double Pack Deal (1 A and 1 B) £55.00


Sign of Four Pack Deal (4 Packs (2A’s & 2B’s) + double pack card and exclusive 4 pack card Ltd to 15 or less)  £105.00


Sherlock Holmes Binder £27.50


Super Deal (limited to 5)

1 Sealed Case of 10 packs (5A’s and 5B’s) + Binder + All exclusives cards detailed above AND 1 ultra rare exclusive bonus premium card not available with any other deal. £290.00


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