Adventures into the Unknown


This set has been in production for some time now we are pleased be able to release the details at last! The first sets ship the last week of January 2016. This will be our first of our deluxe box sets. This collection was planned as an 18 card basic set however we have expanded this to 28 cards with the inclusion of a 9 card puzzle and 1 puzzle checklist. Every box will include a complete set, a very limited magnetic chase card and a premium card. The print run for this product has been limited to just 500 basic sets in total. Because of the very limited nature of this set we have been very selective about the illustrators we include. The first sketch cards back are from Mike Hannen and Scott Fellows with multi-panel sketch cards falling at a rate of one per case (one in ten boxes). The sketch cards for this set are fantastic with both Mike and Scott producing amazing full colour illustrations, samples of which can be seen below. More cards are on the way from B Jones, Huy Truong  and Jeff Benitez.

You will also have a few very rare magnetic promos to collect for this set from dealers around the world, a full list of these will be posted shortly.

The RRP for this set is £35.00 but you can get three boxes for £100 and receive an exclusive new MC5 card.

We will have a limited number of 10 set cases available for £325.00 and this will come with an extra bonus!

1 Box £35.00


3 Box Deal £100.00


Case Deal £325.00


Huy Truong Sample Sketch Cards

Huy Truong Sketch Samples


Mike Hannan

Mike Hannan Sketch Samples



Scott Fellows Sketch Samples