The Illustrated War of the Worlds & Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians

WotW Illustrated Wholesale (1)This page includes the details for TWO of our new card sets. They have been combined into a single case, but have their own distinctive packaging allowing each product can be ordered individually. The image directly below shows sample sketch cards from both products, and as you can see they are very nice indeed. Every case includes 6 to 7 sketch card split over the two products, the remaining premium inserts will be artefacts or other ultra rare cards. This production run has been limited to just 45 cases with 10 packs per case. These will be shipping early September and we have a lot of buying offers and options for you under the product descriptions. All the art has been selected for it’s quality and we intentionally kept these sets limited to maintain this high standard. You will also find basic card art and new foils and an enhanced Glow in the Dark chase set within some packs! You will also find our new Super Case Deal below. The Super Cases for this product all come with original card art and other extras and exclusives. Details are available in the ordering information at the end of the page.


The first set on offer is: The Illustrated War of the Worlds



This new set features amazing art work from some top talents working in cards now. It takes the War of the World’s away from the strict confines of H.G. Wells story and time period and allows much more artistic freedom to our illustrators who have done us proud! Featuring art from:

David Day, Caroline Edwards, Richard Young, Huy Truong, Sue Thompson, Alan Rimal and more!

The Illustrated War of the World’s includes a 9 card basic set (along with a gloss parallel chase cards) with the next 10-18 cards will come out in series 2. Every pack will include a premium insert and chase cards. This is a sketch heavy set 6 to 7 packs out of 10 packs will include a sketch insert, and the production run is very limited. You will also find rare sketch cards we withdrew from other war of the world’s sets as the time periods were incorrect or they did not relate directly to the book, so there are some real hidden gems from the past included within these new packs!

Each factory pack will include the basic set, at least 1 premium, and at least 1 chase card for £30.00 By ordering direct you will also receive an exclusive MegaCity 5 card. Ordering options and special deals are listed at the end of the page below our next set.



SHVM Sketchs

Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians 

Icons of the Victorian era are pitted against the villainous murdering Martian invaders with dramatic and artistic results.

This is the fantastic and long awaited follow up to our first ever release. This limited edition set will merge War of the Worlds with our non-canonical Sherlock Holmes series. The basic set will include rare Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crime expansion cards (and new variants) along with never before released cards, and parallels from both! The premium inserts include sketch cards and Victorian artifact cards. Among the host of rarities you will also find 5 packs that include an ultra rare Two Penny Blue stamp card!

With sketch cards from Robert Hack, Mike Hannan, Scott Fellows, j(A)y, Alan Rimmel and more this is a set not to be missed. These packs will include 1 premium card, at least one chase card, and several basic cards. This set will include a number of new foils and glow in the dark cards along with other limited proofs and samples. If you missed the original Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crime set we also have 20 2nd edition packs available at the sale price of just £10.00. Ordering information for these products is below with a number of offers and limited deals!


The Illustrated War of the Worlds Single Pack (+MC5 Exclusive card)  




Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martins Single Pack (+MC5 Exclusive Card) 





One of Each Pack Type: (+MC5 Exclusive & Mystery Bonus Card) 




Super Case Deal (Limited to 4) 

The Super Case Deal is a fantastic opportunity exclusively available through the site. If you order a full case with this offer button you will be guaranteed to receive original card art from one of these sets with your case. You will also receive all of the above bonuses from the other offers AND a rare Super Case exclusive card. This card is only available with our super cases and is therefore VERY limited. We are only offering 4 of these Super Cases directly with a few others seeded in the production run. Get authentic card used and printed art from these sets! This is a first come first served offer and once they are gone anyone trying to buy one will be notified at checkout that the cases are out of stock. If you can buy it you will get it. We are offering this at the regular retail case price!




Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crime (Sale Pack Price) 




Provisional Insert Checklist:

Gold Foil Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians Card: 40 in total 2 variations

Silver Foil “Waves” Strand War of the Worlds card: 40

Gold Version of above: 10

Rainbow Foil War of the Worlds Cover Art: 40

Cards Down Under Steel Blue Version: 20

MhopOnHop Silver Version: 20

Mega City 5 Hammered Bronze Version: 25

Sherlock Head with Maritans in Bronze Foil: 20

Mini Logo Foil: 25

Rude Martian foils (three versions): 5 Inserted in error Cards Down Under exclusive

Ultra Limited Variant Cards:

WotW P1 Glitter variant:  80

Scott Fellows Glitter Autograph 40 (Case Topper)

Tentacled Horror Red Eyes Variant: 40

Hack Puzzle Glow in the Dark Backs 30 sets of 10

Scientific Torture Glow in the Dark/Glitter: 30

Victoria Q1 Silver Glitter: 30

A Novel Memento Silver Glitter: 30 Gloss: 40

Sketch Your Own blank sketch card: 25

Relic Cards:

Mini Logo Cover swatch: 40

War of the Worlds Cover Swatch: 30

War of the Worlds Inside Page Cut: 20

War of the Worlds Cover and page Dual Relic: 15

2 Penny Blue card: 5

Victorian Post Card Cuts: 40 in three Variations