The War Illustrated Premium Packs


This is web exclusive offer for one of the most limited products we have ever released. To ensure that collectors get the best cards available we have cut the production run to just 35 premium packs. Each pack will include at least 1 sketch card and two artefact cards from dating from WWI or WWII along with a number of our rarer military trading cards from past projects, including promos and proof cards. You will also find an exclusive promo only available in this set for a new project.

Every set includes three premiums, including a sketch card, along with other bonus military cards. The three artists included in the set and the number of card they illustrated are as follows:

Francois Chartier (19)

Carolyn Edwards (11)

B Jones(5)

If you order more than one pack we will do our best to ensure you get different illustrators while stocks last. If you order the triple pack deal (limited to 3) we will ensure you receive one card from each artist. To be clear the button will only let three of these triple pack deals be purchased after that you will be notified that the offer is out of stock in your basket. The same applies to the Double Pack deal (limited to 5) in which we will guarantee you two different illustrators. Once these offers are gone we will try to make sure you get different artists in your packs but we can’t guarantee it. This is strictly first come first served to make it fair to everyone, and even single pack buyers have a chance to find a sketch from every illustrator.

Artefacts cards include memorabilia, paper currency, stamps, coins, ribbon and much more! They are great value at £35.00 per pack! This premium pack ships the first week of September.


Single Pack: £35.00


Double Pack Deal: (2 illustrators) £70.00 (Ltd to 5)



Triple Pack Deal (1 from each illustrator) £105.00 (Ltd to 3)