Cult Stuff 2016 Christmas Mystery Pack

This festive period brings many things including our annual mystery packs! This is a first of us as we preview a host of new cards and offer some fantastic exclusives. Each pack will include two Cult Stuff celebrity autographs (Look out for the new foil autograph!) and have some fantastic new cards on offer! You will also get an exclusive Hound of the Baskervilles promo foil card not available in any other place! Some packs will also include preview sketch cards from the set!


Every pack includes one of our special christmas pin-ups and three very rare Alice in Wonderland foil cards. (look for the ultra rare gold versions!) As ever you will find other rare and interesting inserts among the packs including sketches, memorabilia, foils and other stuff from around the office along with exclusives and oddities.


Just some of the Autographs included in the packs

These will be shipping from Monday the 12th of December! These are very limited, with less than 40 available in total! We are keeping the price low considering the content!  These christmas packs are avlab£50.00 le to order NOW!