The Hound of the Baskervilles


The Hound of the Baskervilles

This new set takes us back on course with the Conan Doyle canonical stories. Perhaps one of his best known and most popular works The Hound is a prequel story that sets the stage for the return of one of literature’s most beloved characters. Published first in 1901 the story was serialised in The Strand and this card set gets back to basics. It brings together many of the original illustrations mixed with new art and information and some spectacular inserts. We have more of what has been popular, sketch cards, autographs, and artefacts from this tale.

Look for very rare Stamps, coins and now Hound Cuts from the true first edition of this story, along with our new foils, magnets and rare parallels this is one of the best sets we will ever release.  

Every pack will come with a complete basic set, two or more chase cards, and at least one premium insert. We are cutting production to just 70 cases worldwide so this is sure to sell out fast. The sets will ship in early February and pre-orders open now.

We are producing new limited Foil Memorabilia cards, leather and wood backed cards and a host of other new inserts!  Each pack will cost £37.50 and as stated will produce a complete basic set with a number of chase cards and at least one premium. Ordering direct will also net you an exclusive promo!

These are without doubt some of the nicest cards we have ever produced.

Here are some of Nik’s sketch cards in the set:

If you order 2 packs you will be guaranteed a sketch card, AND a special retail exclusive bonus card as well as the promo in the single pack deal.

If you preorder a Case you will receive a special Retail Exclusive Case memorabilia card limited to 6. These are very very rare and not available anyplace else. You will also get a discount on you case so 10 packs will cost you    £360.00!


These sets are shipping early February and Preorders open now!

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Case Deal: £360 (Button Below)