Age of Sorcery

Shipping August 2011

The image above shows some of the basic and puzzle cards that make up the Age of Sorcery set.

Age of Sorcery was worth waiting for, fantasy art sets have taken a back seat in recent years, and we think it’s time they came back into the market. Age of Sorcery allows us to bring you a sample of the fantastic art being created by talented fantasy illustrators around the world. With no content restrictions given to the artists involved they have created some astounding work.
You can see more of the sketch cards from the set on this link

With only 20 cases worldwide this is our most limited product to date. Each hand packed Age of Sorcery Series 1 “box” will contain a beautifully illustrated complete 18 card basic set, (featuring art from Carolyn Edwards, Matt Dixon Robert Hack and more), between 3 and 8 rare chase cards, including Canvas, Glow in the Dark, Parallels, and other Enhanced cards, along with 2-3* hand illustrated sketch cards in every box. 1 in 5 boxes will contain a complete multi panel sketch card. This is one of the highest quality products we have assembled so far with a great deal of time and dedication being put into the hand finishing of these cards. Our new packing methods mean we are able to offer new guarantees to our customers:

In every box we guarantee: 

1 full set of basic cards
3-8 chase cards
2-3 hand illustrated Art Cards (or more)

In every case we will guarantee:

At least 25 sketch cards
At least 2 complete 9 card puzzle sets
At least 2 multi panel sketch card sets
1 Case incentive card (Ltd to 20)

3 cases will guarantee a master set of sketch cards (At least one from every artist)

Each hand numbered collectors set retails at just £46.99.

If you order multiple boxes you will be given stock from the same cases wherever possible to ensure the best artist and chase card distribution and collation.

For Wholesale information contact:

Additional cards may include: Glow in the Dark cards, Autographs, Foil cards, redemption cards (for uncut sheets or other large items) and altered parallel cards to name a few.

*Sketches should 3 per box we are waiting on the last sketch cards to be returned to verify this, most boxes will contain more than 2 sketch cards.

Shipping August 2011

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  1. Thanh Bui says:

    Hi My name is Thanh Bui. I am interested to be part of the age of sorcery set as a sketch artist. My deviant art page is
    Please let me know if there are any more spots. Thank you.

  2. Justice Colwell says:

    Hello, My name is Justice Colwell and i am interested on working on a set for you. Please email me about submissions so I could go forward and do so. You have such creative sets compared to other companies, thanks

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