Titanic: Artist Set Specification

This area is to give the illustrators working on this set some general guidelines and info on what we need. Have fun with this set it should be a great historical one to work one!

This set aims to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, and sketch cards do not make up the bulk of the inserts. As such we need a few more rules on this set than on many of our others. All images must be in good taste, when your working please keep in mind that more than 1500 people lost there lives in the tragic sinking of this vessel. In short Striking the Ice Burg would be ok, the ship sinking is ok, close up graphic depictions of people drowning would not be ok. All the artists working on this set are professional so I will rely on your own common sense.

That still leaves the door open for some fantastic images. We are looking for shots of the ship both above and below, images of the expeditions, the crew and passengers and even interior shots of the ship. This could include things like the Grand Staircase, state rooms or even the third class rooms. really the set is open to any images relating to the ship or it’s crew and passengers. Don’t feel bound by the examples above, these are just suggestions and you are free to deviate from these.

These cards need to be back for packing by the first week of May, if they are going to be later please contact us so that we can arrange for redemptions.

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  1. chuckjett says:

    How do I get on a list of artists for this project. Please view my samples at http://www.comicartcommissions.com/Jett

    I would love to work on this. I have a unique style that I know you will find interesting. I am available immediately!

    Chuck Jett

  2. JASONS21 says:


    I’m writing to express my interest on becoming one of your sketch card artist on your upcoming sketch card set. Please take a moment a visit my sample works at:

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.



  3. ibdatoneguy says:

    I know this set is already out and the chances of another set coming out are slim . But I would be interested in trying out a sketch card set for you guys as you seem to make the kinds of cards I’m more interested in collecting . How would I go about getting an opportunity ?

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