Pulp Detectives


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This fantastic and ultra limited set will not be available for long! This set covers some of the best books never written with Dames, Danger, Guns and a whole lot more! Each factory pack/set includes: At least 1 sketch card (some packs have more!) a full basic set, and at least 2 chase cards. The 9 card basic set features art from three super talented illustrators: Aly Fell, Josh Werner and Robert Hack.

You can see example of sketch cards in the set here: Sketches

You will find a checklist posted on this very page under the ordering information.

Aside from the sketches you are also looking for some very impressive chase cards including:

Two different 9 card canvas puzzles,

Signature cards from each of the basic card illustrators

a rare bonus 10th card randomly inserted in some packs

and introducing our new Magno-Cards! These regular sized magnetic trading cards!

The sets are printed as are the chase cards, packing is in in progress and we have 70% of the sketch cards back already, so this set is almost ready to go!

Grab one now for £22.00

Or Save £10 on a case for £210.00

Pulp Detectives Checklist:

The set is comprised of 9 basic cards (featuring art from Aly Fell, Josh Werner and Robert Hack) a 10th bonus card (3 per case) and 3 Magno Magnetic chase cards.

All three basic card artists also contributed sketch cards (see list below) and autograph cards.

Josh Werner signed 25 of each of his basic cards (50 cards in total)

Aly Fell signed 40 of the Bonus 10th card

Robert Hack signed 10 copies of the missprint P2 card

The set is limited to 360 numbered packs. These are split into 180 A packs and 180 B packs. 18 A cases contain the canvas chase set A1-A9 and a special limited edition  Magno Case Card (this is the same image as the canvas puzzle).

18 B Cases contain the canvas Chase set B1-B9 and the special glow in the dark case card. This is a variant of the bonus card 10. Uncut sheets of the 9 canvas chase cards were also used as multi case incentives.

Aly Fell 10

Adam Black 26

Tim Dowler 50

Dave Sharpe 30

Chuck Jett 20

Vidal 15

Mark Martino 10

Josh Werner 45

Stephanie Rosales 10

William Withers 19

Rusty Gilligan 5

Robert Hack 50

Patrick Hamill 20

Laura Inglis 15

James Riot 35

Eric White 20

Don Pedicini Jr. 25

Dan Gorman 25

This list includes all the cards sent out to these artists some are multi panel images which have been included together in the same pack. Some packs include more than one sketch. Cards from all of these artists have been included in regular packs.

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  1. indyclone25 says:

    i loved doing the sketch cards for this series , can’t wait for it to be released .

  2. rajesh says:

    How do I order this set?

  3. JJ says:

    Hi Raj,
    Order details should be up in the next 24-48 hours!

  4. john levitt says:

    I would also like to order this set but the PayPal link only takes you to the PayPal log in page rather than the Cart!

    Please fix.

  5. JJ says:

    Fixed it John, not sure what went wrong as it was working earlier!

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