Civil War Chronicles Volume II

CW2 Front


This is the follow up to our sold out first set Civil War Chronicles Volume 1

This is a premium factory set of 36 basic cards. Each Hobby set will include at least 1 premium insert and a selection of at least 2 chase cards. Premiums include: Sketch cards (5 per case) Fabric cards (Swatches of Civil War uniform), Artifact cards, War era stamps and other collectables. We will also be including canvas parallel versions of the Kurz and Allison prints, limited to 1 per pack. This historical set features fantastically detailed and restored paintings along with photos and contemporary images that highlight many of the conflicts key events and the people involved.

The sketch cards we have included in this product are of a very high quality, and you can see samples from a number of illustrators below. More images will follow along with a full list of illustrators. We have actually cut the production on this set back to under 100 cases and we have very little to offer at the retail level. We are of course going to offer our regulars a great deal however! We have included two different exclusives. If you order a pack direct from us at you will get the exclusive MC5 promo card. If you order our 4 pack deal you get not only a discount, and the single pack promo, but also an exclusive multi-pack purchase card only available to our webshop customers!




4 Pack Bonus Deal £105.00 This includes BOTH bonus cards & free worldwide shipping!





Examples of Sketch Cards in the set:

Mike Hannan

Civil War 2 Mike Hannan


Reid Fisher

Civil War 2 Reid Fisher



Scott Fellows

Civil War 2 Scott Fellows


Solly Mohamed

Civil War 2 Solly



Patrick Hamill

Civil War 2 P Hamill


B Jones

Civil War 2 B Jones


David Day

CW2 Day


Dan Pearson

CW2 Pearson

Clay Sayers

CW2 Clay Sayer


Josh Werner

CW2 Josh


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