The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

This set is now finally available for order and will be shipping in January 2013! 

This is one of our most anticipated products of the last 12 months, and the one we have had the most questions and information requests about. The set looks fantastic and it’s full of new art from some top creators. The set will cover the first 12 short stories and it will act as a companion to the book. For this release we decided to change things around a little, and we are reverting back to a 3 pack set. Each pack will be labelled A, B or C. Collecting one of each will ensure you complete the basic cards while all chase and premium inserts remain random. If you order 2 or 3 packs you will always get different letters.

This set has our widest variety of inserts to date. Of course you will find sketch cards and autographs (including cut signatures from Rathbone and Brett). Additionally we have artefact cards and first edition cards. These cards contain real fragments of the first ever published editions of the stories, along with images and identifiable passages. Rescued from damaged and partially destroyed vintage 1890’s copies of “The Strand” we have come up with a way to present and save parts of these fantastic stories first published more than a century ago. This will allow collectors to own an identifiable part of a real first edition. This includes passages from the first ever published short story “A Scandal in Bohemia” and many others. These are really very very cool cards.

You will find one premium insert in every pack with 1/3 of the basic set and a selection of chase cards! This set is obviously very limited and of course we will have an early order bonus card again, so for those ordering in the before the 5th of Jan you will get an exclusive card not available in packs! These new premium packs are £20.00. You will also find a list of sketch artists on this project listed below which is being updates regularly.


Illustrators who have worked on the Adventures Set:

Adam Tally
Dan Gorman
David Day
Jesse Hughes
Jim Ferguson
Laura Inglis
Patrick Hamill
Peter Simeti
Rusty Gilligan
Scott Houseman
Wu Wei
Josh Werner
Gregorio Vidal
Angela Capel
Dave Sharpe
Barry Linck
Adam Black
Gavin Hunt
Robert Aragorn
Matthew Zeigler
Al Davison
Robert Hack
and more!






Sherlock Holmes & Victorian Crime: Second Edition Factory Set.

Our first Sherlock Holmes set was a sell out and one of our most requested products. Because of this late last year we put together a very limited edition second printing of this set to take to conventions as an exclusive. We are now offering a very small number of these for sale on the site!

This second edition printing was limited to just 200 factory sets. Each hand numbered set will come packed with two correspondingly numbered mini chase cards along with the “missing” crossover card numbered 19, which was originally issued in the Monsters Zombies and Freaks set.  New for this set you may find (1:3 packs) the new Mini Canvas card, this card shrinks the original 9 card canvas chase set image down to regular size, and it looks stunning. You may also find a sketch if your lucky! They fall at about 1:20 packs and include art from Sanna U and Robert Hack.

Numbers are strictly limited and as an extra incentive we will add one of the fantastic 4 card Sherlock Holmes Terror by Night Rathbone mini sets in  for every pack ordered!

Of course that’s not all you will also get a nice selection of promos but importantly you will also get one of our VERY LIMITED Buyers Preview cards for a set that will not be announced until the 25th of February. This will be one of only two or three chances to obtain this card and we expect it run out quickly, you will get one for each pack you order not just one card per order! We will also include one of the NSU Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 2011 Memorabilia show mini promo’s with the first 20 orders!

The price for all of this?


Or you can opt for the 4 card set on it’s own which is just
Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crimeis a card set of the absolute highest quality and will be the first set released by Cult-Stuff. We think our first set should be something extra special so we are stuffing it full of interesting extras. We have given near complete freedom to some of the most talented sketch artists in the business who in turn have produced some truly remarkable cards. The cards delve into not only the world of Sherlock Holmes and his cast of characters but reach beyond it to highlight some of the more villainous aspects of life in the Victorian times. The artists involved have brought vibrant talent and great imagination to the set making these cards a must have for any collector.

Sherlock Holmes CardsThe micro set is made up of eighteen limited basic cards, a nine card “Canvas” set (which as the name implies is printed directly onto a thick high quality canvas) mini parallel chase cards in several variations, and of course at least one sketch card per pack!

Each pack will retail at £16.99 (roughly $26.00). Wholesale pricing is available so contact us for details.

We say at least one sketch because you will on occasions find more than one, we have a policy, no multi-card images are separated, so if the images spread onto two cards or nine, you will find them all in the same pack, or in some rare cases a redemption will be issued if they do not fit safely into one pack.

We also have a new Sherlock Holmes promo card for this set, P1, which will come in several variations. The image shows the front of the card with art by the ever talented Robert Hack, who also produced a good deal of the base card art.


You should expect to find in each pack:

At least 6 Basic Cards

1 or more Sketch Cards

1-2 Chase cards

Many packs will contain more than this, with some surprise additions to the set, including redemption’s for uncut sheets and other bonus items. A few rare packs will include ALL the chase and base cards and extra sketches. Series 1 is limited to just 850 numbered packs world wide and will be released in two stages. The first packs are set to ship in November and will be available for preorder this week. The first 200 packs ordered will also come with a bonus card.

This image above shows one of the parallel cards and it’s full size counterpart.

The list of artists working on this set is small but extremely impressive. We have been fortunate to have some of the most talented illustrators in the industry working on this set, and the list below is just a sample of the talented folks drawing for us on this release so more names will follow! :

Carolyn Edwards
Robert Hack
Jayson Kretzer
Mark Dos Santos
Beck Kramer
Laura Inglis
Ted Dastick
Jon Riggle
Mark Slater
Kristin Allen
Leah Mangue
~More Soon~

We will be publishing the full list of all artists involved with the set AND the number of cards each artist has completed. Scans of all the cards will also be available HERE. We are absolutely committed to transparency when it comes to artist lists, and card numbers, this information makes collecting the cards much easier. Packs are now SOLD OUT

Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crime Checklist:

This set is composed of
18 Basic cards (1-18)

Two Mini Parallel cards in four variations:
The parallels are Mini versions of card 16 and 17 in the basic set and they are numbered as MC1 and MC2 (MC = Mini Card) Each MC is numbered, and some are stamped in foil with the word Variant in different colors.
They are as follows:
MC1 and MC2 Numbered to 275 of each (no foil)
MC1 and MC2 Red Foil Stamp numbered to 100 of each
MC1 and MC2 Silver Foil Stamp Numbered to 50 of each
MC1 and MC2 Bronze Foil Numbered to 30 of each

Canvas Puzzle Chase Set: P1 – P9
40 Uncut Sheets exist and have been used for promotional and advertising reasons. At least 10 have been included as redemption prizes in the packs. Some are also used as dealer incentives.

M1 Missing Chase Card

The M1 Canvas card is limited to just 60 (originally planned as 100 some were miss-cut) This random chase card didn’t make it into the basic set so was turned into a very limited chase card.

B1 Book Mark:

These limited edition Sherlock Holmes bookmarks are printed on canvas and can be found wrapped around the the cards in some packs. These were limited to less than 60 and is faintly numbered B1 at the bottom.

P1 Promo card:

The P1 has been issued in a number of variations, including the normal version, the two Non Sport Update Foil Stamped versions:

P1 NSU Red Foil stamp
This was issued at the 2010 Memorabilia convention to new and renewing subscribers to the magazine. Print Run was 100 cards

P1 NSU Bronze Foil stamp
This was issued at the 2010 Memorabilia convention to those making a donation of £5.00 to the Great Ormand Street Hospital, and entering a raffle for an Ewok NSU special. The print run was lower at 80 cards

P1 Foil Test cards:
These cards all have a print run under 15 and were used to test the foil blocking technique. Each card is stamped Variant on the back in foil. These were done in Purple and Bronze

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  1. If I am not luck enough to receive a full set of chase and basic cards with all the sketch cards; may I buy this entire set with all the variations?
    Also I would like to know where to all the items canvas cards, uncut sheets,
    book marks, non sport update foil stamped versions, red-bronze-and foil test cards.
    I think you can see I am pretty much the definition of cult when it comes to these awesome cards you have created. I have only just now learned about your company and cards tonight, New Years EVE which it has now turned into New Years Day while I am typing this to you so (HAPPY NEW YEAR), from which I have placed 2 orders for 2 different sets of cards. This Sherlock one and the Military Prop set.
    I hope you can help with these questions and I am willing to pay for any extras or the price of a set of all the items listed above and anything else Sherlockian I may have left out.
    Thanks, Tim Kline Dallas, TX

  2. Kev Bryant says:

    Just got a pack of Sherlock Holmes 2nd Edition from Memorabilia 2012 and got a couple of nice hits inside!-As well as the 18 card base set i got the 2 mini chase cards both hand numbered,the MZF crossover card AND A Study In Scarlet canvas card hand numbered S1 AND a MZF promo card Holo Variant SIGNED in Gold marker by HACK!!!!!! Dont know exactly how many of this card were signed but if anyone knows how limited they are please let me know! Thanks Kev

  3. Kev Bryant says:

    By the way got the terror by night mini set,a standard p1 promo,adventures of sherlock p1 promo and mp1 mini memorabilia promo as well,does anyone know anything else about the Study in Scarlet S1 canvas card as i dont see his one listed anywhere either? thanks again Kev

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