The War of the Worlds Book 1

HG Wells The War of the Worlds

Book 1: The Coming of the Martians

This set is shipping in early June. Each Hobby pack will include a basic set (27-36 cards) at least 1 premium insert and a selection of chase cards (3 or more). Premiums include Sketch Cards, Props, Artefact cards, and first edition cards. Each 10 set case includes 6 or 7 sketch cards and a random selection of other premiums. If you order two packs we will guarantee you at least one sketch card and free worldwide shipping! Retail sales are limited, and only 150 cases have been produced. Look for glow in the dark and other enhanced chase cards!

When The War of the Worlds was first released in 1897 is was in a serialized format (common at the time) in Pearson’s Magazine and this first edition differs from the final published novel that would come out a year later. We have obtained first editions of the story and these have been used in the set. You will find cut images, covers, text selections and original Warwick Globe fold out illustration cards.

Each Factory set costs £27.00 ($40.00) and if you order 2 you get free shipping!


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