Mystery Box 2012

Following the success of last years sell-out Mystery Box we have decided once again to dip into the archives and offer up some rare items, along with some newly created cards just for this product.  What is the Mystery box? Well in short it is an end of year product that we offer which is filled with premium cards and products plucked from throughout our whole range, along with some new cards made exclusively for this set. These include promo cards, variant basic cards, chase cards, sets, test cards, proof cards, errors and premiums. Premiums can include all sorts of things from sketch cards to autographs, artefacts, or props.

Many of the items in the set are limited and often hand assembled, and this is a very labour intensive product. Due to the workload, last year we only produced 30 sets, this upset a number of people who found themselves unable to order. This year has been our most successful so far and we wanted to share that with as many people as we could. To that end we have made some changes! We are now offering a much much bigger 2012 Mystery Box and we doubled the production numbers to 60, along with more than doubling the number of premium inserts!

We are for the first time also going to be inserting some original basic card art into some of these boxes!

This list will cover the minimum of what you will find in each 2012 Cult Stuff Mystery Box: (most will have more than this!)

4-5 Premium inserts of which at least 2 will be sketches, along with a selection of rare chase and promo cards, mixed in with our exclusive Mystery Box cards. You will also find at least 1 sealed product from our range and that will of course come with any premiums as normal. Any premium cards in the sealed product are in addition to the mystery box total not part of it. This means 4-5 premiums + whatever is in your sealed product.

Many of the boxes will include out of print work, including full sets and rare chase/bonus cards!

The price for all this is £60.00 which includes FREE world wide shipping.  We will be dispatching these in December, and we are so confident that you will enjoy these that we offer a money back guarantee if you don’t!  Pre-Orders are open now and these are limited to 4 per customer.

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