Sherlock additions and release date!

Sherlock Holmes the Long stories has as many of you know been delayed for a number of reasons. The biggest hurdle we had to overcome was lack of inserts. A large number of sketch cards went missing and we had to recommission many of them. Art takes time and we knew we had to wait. Rather than leave the set be we decided to make some changes. Now you will find this is a 36 card set rather than 27, we have increased the content and transformed it from an A and B pack set. The Sherlock Holmes the Long Stories has now been split into “A Study In Scarlet”, and “The Sign of Four” packs. Each pack will contain an 18 card set however they will both share the same 10 card chase set and the sketch and inserts are still mixed at random. Each case will include 5 of each pack type. In short we have rewritten parts of the set and increased the card count, and added new premium inserts. None of these changes will increase the price and the set will be released on the 21st of November at the  NEC MCM Expo show! All orders will be filled in the following days, and for those ordering binders your cards will be out just after as we wait for the final folders to be finished.

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Sherlock Update:

Hi Folks, a quick update on the Sherlock set. It is on the way however we have been delayed buy 120+ sketch cards going missing on the way to us. We are working on rectifying this situation as quickly as possible while maintaining the high quality you would expect from our sets. We will keep the updates coming, and you can expect to see some new images shortly.

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Sherlock Holmes the Long Stories Volume 1

Limited Pre-orders are open! 


More and more information will be released over the next few days but this set is progressing at speed. Covering A Study in Scarlet and the Sign of Four, the first two novels by the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it’s a large set with a lot fantastic art and some surprise inserts! As ever we will bring you fantastic details about both the stories featured along with trivia history and and unseen images that help put these fantastic books into a wider historical context.  You will find an increased number of sketch cards with this set which will be split into A&B packs. One of each type will get you a full basic set along with a number of chase cards and a premium in every pack. We are also pleased to announce our first binder, which will hold the whole Sherlock Holmes collection once it is completed.


These are very limited and will come with an exclusive insert card. The set and binders are scheduled for release in late August early September and artwork is coming in every day. We have cut back production on this set to ensure the best quality and we are close to a sell out to our wholesale customers. We have put in place a very limited about of stock for retail with some great extras and incentives for our fans around the world. You can find more details on these offers on the Product Information Page which is now live.  The set will include proofs, metal backed cards, overprints and a host of new hand made inserts we have been working on. As a special thank you to all the fans who have been supporting the Sherlock Holmes card collection all of our preorder and direct customers will get special promos, proofs and premiums depending on the amount ordered. This really looks like the best Sherlock set we have put out to date.  We are looking at another zero redemption card set which is good news for everyone!




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News and Updates: Civil War II Sherlock Holmes and Adventures into the Unknown

First a big thanks to all those who have purchased Civil War Chronicles Volume II. The feedback has been very positive and I am pleased we took the extra time to get things right. We did something special for all our retail customers, rather than just a promo card or extra chase card we created some new inserts as a surprise. Single Pack buyers will be getting a very limited text cut map card. These were not available in packs. Those buying the 4 pack deal not only get one of these they also an ultra limited double sided artifact card (the front and back are pictured below, less than 20 of these have been put together and we have a couple left).


Other updates:

Sherlock Holmes the Long Stories Volume 1 is progressing at speed, this set will be shipping at the end of August and presales will start on the 31st of July. We have some great surprises lined up and some of the best sketch cards yet. We will also have our first binder available to store your sherlock Holmes cards in!  These will be very very limited and will be able to hold the full collection of Sherlock Holmes cards past and future. Every binder will come with an exclusive card. The set itself will be a premium pack product, the basic set will be split into A and B packs so one of each will give you 2 premium inserts and at least 4 chase cards and the full basic set of cards. These will again be very limited and you can see some of the sample sketches below.



Adventures into the Unknown:

This is a very limited set and sketches are underway now. We expect the shipping date to be mid September. Limited to just 500 sets worldwide with a very exclusive list of illustrators working on the project. All of the restoration of the card images has now been completed and and the majority have been to press and are now in hand. You can see a selection of them below. This is part one of an ongoing series as we produce the covers in order.


We have a few other sets coming this year so look for more updates in the next 24-48 hours!

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Civil War Chronicles Volume II

CW2 Front

This is available to order now! After a LOT of extra work this set is ready, and shipping from next week. This is the follow up to our first set and continues the collection with another 36 card set! Each premium pack includes the full 36 card set along with 2 chase cards and at least one premium insert in every pack. Please check out the Product Information Page for more details, sample images and pricing information! The available retail stock is very limited and wholesale ois sold out. With less than 100 cases available we don’t expect these to last long.


Above: The set packaged and done along with a couple of the the new inserts you can find in these sets.

Below: Some of David Days sketch cards. Check out the product information page for more samples from many of the talented illustrators who worked on this set!

CW2 Day

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Updates: 2015 Sets

It’s been a tricky year so far and Cult-Stuff have without doubt had more than a few setbacks. We have had some major problems with our release schedule and our offices/equipment/technology and art. With the flooding and the need to recommission artwork we were left in a major hole. After restructuring our plans for the next few years we have been slowly building up to getting on a schedule and getting caught up. It seems we have missed several orders for 1914, and having just this weekend gone over all our records I can see now that we have 6 retail customers with missing sets, and several dealers and customers waiting for redemption sketch cards and artifacts. The good news is we now know where all of these items are as they have been unpacked back into some sort of order, and we are processing these now. They may be very late but they are coming folks.

Civil War Chronicles Vol. II is also now complete. We made the conscious decision not to offer this for presale until we had everything back and in hand. This was in order to guarantee the product would be ready to ship as it was ordered. I am pleased we did this, it has cost us a lot in lost revenue but we don’t like taking money from people and then delaying the product.  We have had to recommission a lot of the art from this set for a number of reasons and we have now cut it to less than 100 cases available. This has now all but sold out to dealers and we have kept a small amount back for retail sales. You will find a lot more about this set later today as the product is going to be added to the website and the limited stock we have available will be available to order.

The good news is we are now on course to have a great second half to 2015. You will see in some of the photos below we have been putting in a lot of work to get good cards put together and ready to ship. We will be shipping Civil War Chronicles Volume II from next week, these cards are done, the inserts are complete and the cases are being packed into boxes now.

The new Adventures into the Unknown is also printed and will be out as soon as the final inserts are back, we expect that to be out for September or sooner. Sherlock Holmes the Long Stories Volume 1 is going to be out in August and we will be taking orders for that in July. This will be one of the best Sherlock sets yet and we will for the first time be offering a very limited edition Sherlock binder to keep your growing collection in. The War Illustrated 1915 will be out this year and follows on directly from the 1914 set. We are still planning to release Fell’s Belles be the end of the year but that is very dependant on Aly’s workload once the set is printed and approved.

Let me say once again to those with missing cards or sets, we are sorry about the delays and problems in getting your products out to you, but we will make sure you get everything, and thanks so much to all the folks who have emailed and sent good wishes, thanks for sticking with us and I hope you enjoy the sets coming out, they have taken a lot more time and work than we anticipated but things are looking up for the rest of the year! We are cutting print runs and increasing the quality so stay tuned for more announcements soon and the big Civil War update later today!

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Fans and collectors will be aware that The War Illustrated: 1914 (which has some fantastic sketch cards in it) has been trickling out to customers over the last month. It has been slower than we would have liked due to a flood in the office which involved a lot of floors being taken up and other work. We lost some computer equipment but we are catching up. If you have an outstanding order then rest assured that it is on it’s way. If you have been in touch and not had a response from us then hold on we are working back through the backlog. If you’re waiting on products they are shipping, and we still have a limited number of 5th anniversary boxes left along with the new War Illustrated sets. Look for an update on new products soon!


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The War Illustrated: 1914

1914AdThe War Illustrated will cover WWI year by year allowing you to build your full collection over time. This detailed card set will bring you photos, illustrations and detailed accounts of the war from from the sources used at the time. You will find a host of interesting inserts and chase cards with every set but these hobby cases are limited. We have a great sketch card line up (listed in full on the product information page) and 5-6 sketch cards as a minimum in each 10 set case.

You can find more details on the Product Information Page along with a special offer!



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New Products and updates!

Matt Card ad1

Dixon’s Vixens 2 is available now! Check the product page for more information



You can also find all the info on our very limited 5th Anniversary Collection which is also shipping now!


War of the Worlds is shipping now and all redemptions from Sherlock Holmes have been packed and shipped. Look for an update about our 1914 set soon as this product is in the final stages of packaging and will be shipping from early December!


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War of the Worlds Pre-Orders Open


Preorders are now open. Set details are on the product page with sample art, which will be updated regularly. Shipping in the next 2-3 weeks!

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