Fans and collectors will be aware that The War Illustrated: 1914 (which has some fantastic sketch cards in it) has been trickling out to customers over the last month. It has been slower than we would have liked due to a flood in the office which involved a lot of floors being taken up and other work. We lost some computer equipment but we are catching up. If you have an outstanding order then rest assured that it is on it’s way. If you have been in touch and not had a response from us then hold on we are working back through the backlog. If you’re waiting on products they are shipping, and we still have a limited number of 5th anniversary boxes left along with the new War Illustrated sets. Look for an update on new products soon!


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The War Illustrated: 1914

1914AdThe War Illustrated will cover WWI year by year allowing you to build your full collection over time. This detailed card set will bring you photos, illustrations and detailed accounts of the war from from the sources used at the time. You will find a host of interesting inserts and chase cards with every set but these hobby cases are limited. We have a great sketch card line up (listed in full on the product information page) and 5-6 sketch cards as a minimum in each 10 set case.

You can find more details on the Product Information Page along with a special offer!



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New Products and updates!

Matt Card ad1

Dixon’s Vixens 2 is available now! Check the product page for more information



You can also find all the info on our very limited 5th Anniversary Collection which is also shipping now!


War of the Worlds is shipping now and all redemptions from Sherlock Holmes have been packed and shipped. Look for an update about our 1914 set soon as this product is in the final stages of packaging and will be shipping from early December!


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War of the Worlds Pre-Orders Open


Preorders are now open. Set details are on the product page with sample art, which will be updated regularly. Shipping in the next 2-3 weeks!

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War of the Worlds Earth Under the Martians


War of the Worlds Info

This set is shipping in the next few weeks, the final sketch artwork is rolling in and the final packing process will be starting very shortly. The set was a complete sell out at wholesale and distribution level but as always we reserve a small amount to sell via the website. We have a very little available this time and the presale will begin tonight! Sketch cards fall at a rate of one in 2 packs and 2 packs will complete the basic set. If you order direct you will receive an exclusive Mega-City Five promo only available to direct purchase customers. If you order an even number of packs you will get an equal distribution A’s & B’s. More details and images will be available on the product page tonight! Sherlock Redemptions are now shipping and you will find an update on the redemptions page later this week.

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The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock SellSheet


More details available on the Product Information Page

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Moriarty Front copy

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2013 Mystery Boxes, 1914 Preview Sets & Updates:

2013 Mystery Boxes, 1914 Preview Sets & Updates:

It has been a tumultuous and very busy year for all those involved with Cult Stuff. We have released more sets this year than ever before, and made a massive (and still incomplete) move into a new and much larger premises that offers more than three times the space and lot of other practical advantages.  This has coincided with a home move for the full time staff as well, which has of course added to the workload! We are pleased to say we have met 99% of our obligations in relation to orders, however we do have 5 customers with missing or incorrect orders, these mostly relate to our Summer Sale Boxes. For some reason a small number of our US customers failed to receive these however I can say now that replacements for missing orders/items have shipped to everyone affected! Our internet connection was only fully restored yesterday but we are making up for lost time!

Over the last year we managed to release more products than ever before, including The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Art of Burlesque, Vintage Erotica, War of the Worlds Book 1, Civil War Chronicles Vol. 1, the new Summer Sale Box, and Beyond Stokers Dracula. I know it’s late in the year but we have two left and they start shipping from this week! We will of course be doing our end of year Mystery Boxes! Limited to just 70 these will be very sought after, as they include some fantastic content. We had to delay the release of our second Sherlock Holmes set until January 2014, so we decided to focus a little more on the great detective for our end of year special, and we are pleased to announce that you will find a Sherlock sketch in every Mystery box, along with some other Holmes related goodies! Of course thats not all, as with every year we will be adding in a product from our archive, and a host of other goodies, including some of the exclusive show & limited edition promos/sets and variants that appeared this year, along with some new items. These will be shipping in the next few days but they are very very limited. Check the product information page for more details.


1914 Preview Sets:


This limited edition preview set will show you what we have in store for 2014 and the centenary of WWI. This is our most ambitious history product yet, we will be aiming to detail aspects of WWI in a number of sets over the coming years. Next year will see the first of these to mark the beginning of what H.G. Wells idealistically referred to as “The War That Will End War”.

In advance of this we have a 9 card preview set, along with an exclusive P1 promo card (while stocks last) shipping next week. Many of the sets will include a premium insert (more than 50%) including fold outs, artifacts and more than 150 sketch cards from illustrators including Patrick Hamill, Laura Inglis, Marcya Dye, Scott Fellows, Dan Gorman, Eric Van Elslande, Terry Pavlet, and Reid Fisher.  Check out the product information page for more details!

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Beyond Stokers Dracula

Set Info

This fantastic follow up set to last years sell out is about to be released and it’s full of brilliant art. We have cut the production numbers to just 50 cases and to give extra value we are putting two sketch cards in every pack! The art is outstanding and you can see some samples (with more to follow) on the Product Page. Every case will have at least 21 sketch cards (yes the case cards are also sketches) from some of the best illustrators in the business. We waited until the last moment to put up the information on this set as we wanted to make sure we could make the shipping deadline, and we can say now this set is shipping in the next 2 weeks!

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Summer Clearance

It’s official, we are moving premises again, and this is a massive upheaval as not only will Cult Stuff be moving locations the staff behind the scenes are moving to. This means we have to pack up the office, warehouse and homes while still running and managing 10+ active projects and collaborating 150+ freelance and contract illustrators! For this reason we have put a delay on Civil War of roughly 2 weeks, which is the time we anticipate it will take to get organised. We do not want to be moving halfway through final packing on the set. This should be the only delayed project as we will for some time be running two active locations. For those who have preordered the product (both retail and Wholesale) we will be producing an additional bonus card for you as compensation for the delay. This will be available for any and all orders up to the 7th of Sept.

Right now we need to make room, so we have to clear out the offices and our loss if your gain. We are packing in products and cards from the archives and even some new items along with unreleased stuff into sale boxes! These are limited and shipping from next Monday. Check out the product page and grab a real bargain!

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