Titanic Checklist

Titanic Commemorative Card Set Checklist:

The Titanic card set was split into two types: Hobby (limited to 500 sets) and Retail (limited to 1000 sets) Every pack of Hobby cards contained a premium card while the odds stated 1:4 packs of retail contained a premium. These retail odds are incorrect we inserted more into the packs and premiums are found at a rate of 1:2 packs.

These two versions shared a number of chase and premium insert cards however some cards are exclusive to one set or the other and when this is applicable it will be denoted next to the card in question.

Basic set: This comprised 27 cards with two variations (card 1 and 27) denoting the Hobby or Retail status of the set.

Titanic People: (TP1-TP3) This three card subset was included with all Hobby packs and the cards were inserted at a rate of 9:10 packs in the retail product. This means approximately 3 complete sets could be found in each retail case of 10 packs.

TCC: Titanic Chase card (Third Class Accommodation) this comes in variations including a stamp version (one of four stamps mounted on the card) limited to one per case.

Cable Ship Minia: This card features a painting of the Minia and is unnumbered.

Olympic Titanic Mini Card: Over and undersized reproduction of the 1912 Titanic card. The very small version was limited to only the Hobby sets the larger card is found in both.

RMS-O: Chase card with details of the Olympic, the sister ship to the Titanic

SW1: only about 100-150 of these cards have been included in the product, the signed versions have as yet not been completed.

Hobby Canvas: A four card canvas puzzle was included in the Hobby cases. One set per case only. This was limited to just 50 sets and the Hobby Case Card: is a 5th canvas card featuring the completed image. A limited number of uncut sheets were available for promotions and given to dealers. A very limited number of mini case cards were also issued as samples and preview/test prints, (about 30 in total), these are smaller than the full size case card some went into packs as extra most were shipped out with orders or given away at events.

Retail Canvas: A 9 card canvas puzzle set limited to 1 set per case. The Retail Case Card: is a 10th card showing the full image from the 9 card puzzle. A limited smaller version of the puzzle was available as an uncut sheet, these were used as test prints. These were used as point of sale materials and some were given out to dealers as samples. These are limited to less than 30.

P1C: Very limited Canvas P1 front. Few inserted into packs many given away with orders or to dealers as promotional samples. Same front as P1 card no back and printed on canvas.

Premium Inserts

Titanic Artifact Cards: (TA1)

Authentic Wreck Recovered Coal Card (Limited) (less than 300)
Authentic Red Thread Role End (Limited less than 300)
Authentic White Curtains Thread (Very limited less than 100)
Authentic Green Baize Fragment (Ultra Limited less than 30) Included in a few of both Hobby and Retail packs and used as case incentives)

RMS-O Olympic Wood Variant. This is the version of the RMS-O card containing a fragment of Olympic grand staircase wood. (Limited less than 125)

Titanic Wood Card (Very Limited less than 80)

Titanic’s Sister Ships Card: (dual wood from both Titanic and Olympic) 20 only. These were used as multi case incentives with some also being inserted into random cases.

Sketch Cards:
Adam Tally 50
Carolyn Edwards 20
Don Pedicini Jr 25
Eric White 5
Gina Canady
Jesse Hughes 20
Jim Ferguson 10
Laura Inglis 45
Patrick Hamill 50
Rusty Gilligan 1
Wu Wei 5
Stephanie Rosales 15
Neil Makohon 5
Josh Werner 20
Mark Martino 10
Greg Vibog 15
Chuck Jett 20

The sketch card list is not 100% complete as some illustrators are still completing cards. The numbers of cards listed next to each illustrator represent that card quantities we sent out NOT the number we received back. Not all cards sent back were approved for this set and some are always held back as replacements or to be used in promotions.

There are some variations or extras not mentioned in this list, otherwise what’s the fun of opening the packs!

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  1. indyclone25 says:

    i loved doing the sketch cards for this set! hope someone pulls my cards , Mark Martino.

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  4. jta77775 says:

    Looks like the sketch card I have was done by Patrick Hamill? On the back of the card is written, “leaving Belfast” and stamped on the bottom of the card is TS1 anyone have any info about this card?

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