Military Propaganda & Posters Series 1

P2 and P3


Military Propaganda & Poster Series 1: Shipping Jan/Feb 2012. Limited to 1,000 factory sets worldwide. This fantastic 36 card collection will retail at just $27.99 (£18.00)*  and will be available for Pre-order now.

The set is almost finished! Each Factory pack will contain a full set of the basic cards and a selection of other chase cards. Look for ultra rare redemptions (redeemable worldwide), for authentic posters, Real military memorabilia (medals, badges ect)  Limited reproduction posters, (marked as such), along with chase cards that include authentic mounted military memorabilia and super limited sketch cards.  You will also find limited edition propaganda leaflets fully restored and reproduced within the set.

Cases will consist of 10 Factory Packs, and retail case buyers will receive a bulk purchase discount taking the price down to £160 ($250). Each factory sealed case is guaranteed to contain at least 2 very rare premiums (often more)  along with a host of other chase cards. These ratios are expected to increase as we finalize the the chase production, but they will NOT decrease.

The first 20 retail cases sold will include an additional incentive card. In the next two months more promos will be issued and P2 and P3 are printed and will be available from November .  Pre Orders for this set are now available! *(small fluctuations in pricing may happen due to international exchange rates, in the event that prices are drastically different we will can refund the difference. )

Shipping Jan/Feb 2012

Order 1 Set: £18.00


Order a Case of 10:  £160.00

Preview Set

Military Propaganda Posters Preview set:

This new six card set is now available but it’s limited to a print run of just 500. Each set will be numbered, and will include at least one additional promotional card from the three exclusive posters we released previously. Some sets will contain all three. These sets are available for the low price price of £4.99 each. The full poster set should be released late 2011. Wholesale enquires are welcome and we have very competitive rates.

These sets are available now!

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    Looks nice! I love the brick wall effect.

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