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The Art of Burlesque

This is one of our limited releases, if we can make it successful you will of course see more in this style next year. We are only producing 60 Hobby cases and the majority of those are now sold. We of course always hold back a limited number for our retail customers and so I am pleased to announce the presale on this product is live and can be found on the Burlesque product page.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was a great success and is now sold out, please if you want these cards check online as I know several retailers still have limited amounts in stock. I think our US distributor (Tom Breyer) may also have limited wholesale stock available. If your don’t have his details then get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.

Thank you to everyone who made this our first sell out of 2013. Our last three products have been sold out and I just want to take a moment to thank all our customers, dealers and distributors for the support they have shown us over the last few years.

As you may have noticed the site has not been updated as often as it should be, we have a vast number of ongoing projects and a limited amount of time. Rather than posting we have been working to get the products out as quickly as we can, while maintaining the highest quality. I am very aware however that we need to improve the volume of site content and add to it. This is something that is happening and you will see changing throughout 2013. One of the first major changes will be dedicated Checklist section. This will detail the cards released with our sets, and where possible it will give the numbers printed/released of each insert.

We will start with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and then start trying to fill in the back catalogue as often as we can. You will also find more contributors writing on the site this year. We have a number of other announcements pending but as ever we can’t say what just yet. Of course we are gearing up for War of the Worlds which is immanent and later in the year Civil War Chronicles.

Look out for us at the NEC for the March Memorabilia and Comic Con show. We are in section Y, and you will find a lot of the illustrators we work with attending as well. A full list and update will be on the facebook page this week.

More Soon!

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  1. hcbrewer says:

    very excited for a checklist section !
    one of the main reasons I collect Cult Stuff is the large number of variants
    – will be good to have a list of what these are
    especially if it includes numbers of each made

    keep up the good work

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